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so you just fucking leave me for dead?

what the fucking man comes down and it's 'oh monkey boy is on his own!' i thought we were a team!?? i thought we were a community of anarchy. i believe breakfest club said it best *ahem* 'you stand up, i'll stand up, it'll be anarchy!!' but no, i stand alone. one lonley monkey. one loney SAD monkey. i thought you guys loved me. we used to be cool. we usd to go out to eat, see rocky, watch some porn and beat up hookers for their money. what happened man? where did the love go?did we lose it? i think it's still there! let's try again. we can rebuild. i have faith in all of us! we just need to stand up proud for this monkey love!

who's with me???

ps- whoever turned me over to lj for not being a "child friendly" site, fuck off monkey hater!!

i was shut down by the man because there was negative feed back about me. here is an example of the kind of emails i recieved...

boozysmurf Hey, George. Fuck off. Jackass.

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